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Electronic component and hardware suppliers

Although some shops have a good range of equipment it's often neccessary to source specialist electronic or hardware components from different suppliers. These are a few of the suppliers that I have used or that I have seen specialist items on. Listing them here is not an endorsement of the supplier or indication of their suitability.

Maplin Electronics

Supplier for electronic hobby components. Also have a good range in disco, DJ, CCTV and home electronic equipment. Available online or at shops around the country.

SK Pang

Supplier of electronic components including the Arduino microcontroller and accessories.

Cool components

Supplier of electronic components and kits. Includes robot chassis.


A brand that many us recognise from the past. Sells a range of electronic components.


Supplier of electronic components.


Electronics component supplier. Supplying components to the UK and worldwide. Has a minimum order size of 20 for non account holders. Official supplier of the Raspberry Pi and some accessories.


Division of Premiere Farnell - sells domestic and electronic equipment, including the Raspberry Pi and Arduino.


European distributer of electronic, electrical and industrial components. Whilst being geared towards account orders they do supply to members of the public, but without the free delivery option. Official supplier of the Raspberry Pi.


Supplier of the Raspberry Pi, cases and accessories.


Low cost lighting supplier. Supplier for the lighting transformer as used in the Disco Lights project.

TLC Direct

Primarily a wholesale supplier, but also available to purchase direct. Sells cabling, lighting and other related items. Sells cables by the meter or 100m reels. Alternative stockist of the lighting transformer.


Disco and stage lighting online store. Supplier for the Gels as used in the Disco Lights project.

Pro Audio Stash

Sells rack cases and audio equipment


Sells hardware tools including nibblers.

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