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Kidsafe filter configuration on Android

KidSafe is no longer under active development. It is left here for historical reasons and for anyone that is still running the code, but will not have any future updates based on teh current codebase.

This is a guide to configuring an Android tablet to use the Kidsafe proxy. For instructions for configuring a PC see guide to configuring a web browser with kidsafe.

The Android tablet needs to be running Android version 4 (Ice cream sandwich) or later. The proxy options are in the settings for the Wireless network after choosing Advanced Options.

Configuring a web proxy on an Android tablet - for kidsafe squid proxy

The client needs to be provided with the static IP address of the proxy server and the default port is 3128.

The exclude list needs the address of the proxy server.

Adding an allow rule and logging in

In this example I'm going to show some of the steps involved in restricting access to the Google Play App store except when authorised by a parent.

Blocking Google Play App Store on Android

By default there are no rules to allow access. The App store will not load, or will give a "No connection" error message. Accessing through a web browser gives the blocked access page where a parent can add the appropriate access.

Kidsafe proxy - Adding a new rule for the Google Play App Store on Android

Using the Add Rule page we can add a rule for the main page. This has been added to the Store category so is not included in the child or teenager default logins.

In the case of the play store you will also need to add, and to the rules.

Kidsafe proxy - Adding a new rule for the Google Play App Store on Android

The site is still blocked so the parent still needs to increase the user's permission as they can't gain access using their own login. In this case granting permission 6 for 10 minutes.

Kidsafe proxy - increasing permissions

Kidsafe proxy - increasing permissions

Now as well as as being able to access the play store through the web browser it also works through other applications on the tablet, including the Google Play App Store.

Kidsafe proxy - working with the Google Play App Store

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