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This is an exciting time to be involved with computing and electronics. The Raspberry Pi and Arduino have made it easier to integrate computing based platforms into a hobby project. This could be something as simple as turning on a light bulb to controlling a Meccanoid robot.

The PenguinTutor website is focussed on helping you to get started with electronics, physical computing, programming and using Free and Open Source software. There are sections on the Linux operating system (including the Raspberry Pi), getting started with electronics and lots of Maker projects, featuring electronics, arduino, Raspberry Pi and other microcontrollers.

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I have written two books.

Since starting this website I've been involved in reviewing books, I've had articles published in magazines and have written some books of my own.

Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi

My first book is Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi. The book provides a fun way to learn about electronics making games and fun projects.

Learning electronics can be tremendous fun - your first flashing LED circuit is a reason to celebrate! But where do you go from there, and how can you move into more challenging projects without spending a lot of money on proprietary kits? One excellent answer is Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi is everywhere, it's inexpensive, and it's a wonderful tool for teaching about electronics and programming. Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi shows you how to make a variety of cool projects using the Pi with programming languages like Scratch and Python, with no experience necessary. You'll learn how the Pi works, how to work with Raspbian Linux on the Pi, and how to design and create electronic circuits. You'll then create projects like an arcade game, disco lights, and infrared transmitter, and an LCD display. You'll also learn how to control Minecraft's Steve with a joystick and how to build a Minecraft house with a Pi, and even how to control a LEGO train with a Pi. You'll even learn how to create your own robot, including how to solder and even design a printed circuit board!

Beginning Game Programming with Pygame Zero

This book is on learning computer programming and techniques used to create your own computer games. It uses Python Pygame Zero which is great for those getting started as it hides some of the complexity with creating graphics allowing you to concentrate on the game programming, but still giving you the flexibility that Pygame has.

Designed for the Raspberry Pi, but you can create them on any computer with the Mu editor and Pygame Zero (including Linux, Windows and Mac OS).

Through the book you get to create multiple different games, including matching pairs card game, a tank firing game, battleships and a space shooter game.

Find out more about the book:

You can order the book through you favourite book shop. Here's a link to the book on Apress:

About the Site

Originally created to provide practice exams for those working towards Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC), the site has been expanded to provide tutorials and guides for electronics Linux software and the Raspberry Pi.

The LPI Certification Practice Exams

For anyone looking at Linux certification there are a range of Linux tutorials to help you with your studies as well as practice exams for the LPIC (Linux Professional Institute Certification) series of exams including the LPI 101, LPI 102, LPI 201 and LPI 202 practice exams. These exams cover all flavours of Linux, including those using RedHat Package Management tools and Debian based management tools and are also suitable for those looking at Novell Certified Linux Adminstrator for SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Most other sites that offer practice exams either ask you to sign up to email adverts, or give a small sample of questions to encourage you to buy their full product. The exams on this site are completely free, do not require you to sign up for any junk mail, and I do not have an alternative pay for version.

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If you would like to contact me please use the email form on my personal website.

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