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PenguinTutor YouTube Channel

Come from Away - STFD

My favourite musical at the moment is Come From Away. An uplifting show based around the tragic events of 9/11. Centred on Gander Airport in Newfoundland Canada where thousands of passengers were stranded as the US air space was closed. It's a story about the kindness from the locals who took the passengers in and made the feel welcome.

I've created a short display using a Raspberry Pi and an RGB LED matrix display. This is centred around the speeding tickets issued by Oz, STFD! - Slow the F*** Down.

This is created using a Raspberry Pi RGB LED Matrix display - see how I created it below:

The video was created using PGZAnimation a free Python library I designed for coding animations.

For a further explanation see: PenguinTutor - Come from Away - STFD