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Create You Own Custom Arduino Like Circuit

How to buy components for the ATMEL ATMEGA328P projects

This is information for those looking to complete any of the custom Arduino projects.

You can also see the video YouTube create a custom arduino like circuit.

Do NOT buy the kits used in the video

IMPORTANT - do NOT buy the Shrimping Kits from the Shrimping.IT page. They have stopped stocking the kits, but have not removed the buy option from the page.

The website is still a useful source of information and the github page includes some useful source code for the projects, but you should not buy the kits from that website.

Some other suppliers may provide barebone Arduino kits, or you can buy the individual components from your normal electronics component supplier, maker shop or Ebay. See details below.

ATMEGA328P - Buy with a bootloader

When buying a ATMEGA328P microcontroller, I recomment that you buy with a bootloader pre-installed. This will be explicitly mentioned if it is, normally by saying "includes bootloader" or "pre-programmed as Arduino" or similar. If it does not say it has it pre-installed then it is probably in factory shipped state which means you cannot use it without first installing the bootloader. I hope to add details of how to install the bootloader in future, but it's normally much easier to buy one with it pre-installed.

ATmega328p - Install your own bootloader

The alternative is to install your own bootloader. Whilst I don't recommend doing this for your first custom Arduino project I have created a guide to doing this yourself.

Basic Arduino components (Blink project)

The following componenents are the ones needed for the blink project. For more details see the custom Arduino blink project.

  • Breadboard (1/4 or higher - recommend 1/2+ 400pin breadboard)
  • CP2102 UART (needed for programming)
  • ATMega328P with bootloader
  • 16Mhz Quartz crystal
  • 4 x 100nF Ceramic capacitor (min 2 required)
  • 2 x 22pF Ceramic capacitor *
  • 10uF Electrolytic capacitor *
  • 10kΩ ½W resistor
  • 100Ω ½W resistor
  • Two pin button switch*
  • LED
  • 9-pin header strip
  • Solid core wire

* These components are recommended, but not required.

Alarm clock project

In addition to the components for the blink project.

  • Minimum 400 point breadboard (can be same as blink project)
  • DS1307 real-time clock
  • 32.768kHz crystal
  • 12mm piezoelectric transducer
  • 2 x two-pin button switches
  • CR2032 battery holder
  • CR2032 battery
  • 100Ω ½W resistor
  • 2 x 10kΩ ½W resistor

LED clock project

These are required in addition to the components for both the blink project and the alarm clock project.

  • 400 point breadboard (in addition to ones used in alarm clock project)
  • 2 x DM134 Constant current LED driver ICs
  • 2 x 680Ω ½W resistors
  • 24 x LEDs

Persistence of Vision project

In addition to the components for the blink project.

  • 8 Red LEDs
  • 3 x AAA battery box with switch
  • Stripboard (preferably Adafruit 1/4 size perma proto board) *
  • Solder *

* items needed for permanent soldered project only.

Project details and circuit diagrams

Remember - Do NOT buy kits from this site as they no longer stock the kits

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Software download

Download the software from here

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