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Windows 11 and Ubuntu dual-boot on a Dell Inspiron desktop - with Secure Boot & application install

This video covers the steps involved in setting up dual-boot between Windows 11 and Ubuntu 22.04 on a desktop computer or laptop. It includes details on how to configure secure boot using the MOK and secure boot password, allowing the use of proprietary drivers including Nvidia graphics.

The video explains how to prepare windows for dual boot, including creating a recovery usb flash drive, shrinking the Windows 11 C drive partition. Disabling fast startup (fast boot) and downloading and preparing the Ubuntu installer using balenaEtcher.

Then how to boot to USB (F12 on the Dell) and installing Ubuntu including setting a secureboot password. I then install Chrome and setup the Linux OneDrive client, for connecting to Microsoft OneDrive. I then installed GIMP photo editor, which compliments the LibreOffice tools to create an office environment.

I then installed programming tools including the Thonny editor and my favourite text editor Jedit. Followed by some maker tools including Arduino 2, FreeCAD, Ultimaker Cura and KiCAD (PCB editing tool). I also installed some video editing tools including Kdenlive, Audacity, Blender and my own animation library PGZAnimation. Finally installing Steam for some steampowered games.

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