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New book - Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi (second edition)

My new book is now available. Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi (2nd Edition).

This is an update on my first book which is now over 4 years old. My first book sold well and was even translated into Chinese. This new edition is a significant rewrite, bringing it up-to-date, but also improving the educational style, adding more projects and a new chapter on understanding Digital Logic Circuits.

The book provides a fun way to learn electronics and physical computing using a Raspberry Pi and electronic components. It is designed for beginners to intermediate makers starting with Scratch, developing further with Python gpiozero and even covering how to design your own circuit and have it made as a custom PCB.

When coming up with ideas for the book it started out as a projects book, but then I thought it would be useful for it to be educational rather than just covering projects. I added descriptions on how the projects worked and how to design your own projects, but it was mainly centered around projects. In this second edition I've been able to develop that further and provide more structure. In doing so I've expanded on the existing chapters and added new ones such as how different kinds of motors work. As well as explaining DC motors as I did before, it now also covers servo motors and stepper motors which are popular for use in electronic circuits. I also expanded the robots section to include some new robots that are now on the market including the STS-Pi robot, a tank robot and a mecanum wheel based robot that I 3D printed.

For more details see: Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi book (with chapter details)

Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi - 2nd Edition book

Buy the book

You can buy the book direct from Apress. Or from other book sellers. If ordering from an independant seller then quote ISBN 978-1-4842-5649-7.

If you do order through Amazon then please leave a review and let me know what you think. It's very useful to have feedback when working on future books.

I've already covered some of the projects on the PenguinTutor YouTube channel and I'll be adding some more videos soon, so please subscribe to my channel if you haven't already.