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Upgrade of wordpress blog engine to version 2.7

I have successfully upgraded the engine used for this blog on This is powered by wordpress 2.7 running on Linux.

I was told about the update being available through dashboard rather than having to check for updates manually. Upgrading was fairly painless following the simple instructions.

During the last few major upgrades to Wordpress there have been some quite radical changes to the administration interface. I have not had much opportunity to try it out yet, but my first impression is that it looks very and more convenient. One thing that I do like over the last major upgrade is that the categories have moved back to the right in the new post panel - rather than being a collapsed section underneath the editing pane.

The only thing left now is that I use a collection of perl and php scripts to automatically copy my posts over to my other two sites and Previous upgrades have made significant changes to the database structure and I've had to make changes to my scripts to keep in synch. Hopefully that won't be the case this time, but I will find out soon. This post is being posted across all my sites to test this functionality is still working.