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Using O2 Mobile Broadband under Ubuntu Linux - Huawei E160

These instructions work for getting a O2 Pay-as-you-go Mobile Broadband USB stick to work under Ubuntu Linux. I also tested this using EEEbuntu on the Eee PC. The device that I tested is a Huawei Mobile Connect Model E160, HSDPA USB Stick. Most current models should work, but Huawei do not provide any official Linux drivers or any kind of support, so if they release a new model that changes the hardware significantly then it may need new drivers to be written.

Connect the stick to the laptop which is auto-detected as a Huawei Technologies E220 / E270 HSDPA/HSUPA Modem.

If it doesn't prompt automatically then right click on the network icon and choose edit connections. Or from the menu choose System -> Preferences -> Network Connections.

On the Mobile Broadband Tab click Add (this should bring you to the same point as the auto-detect).

Choose the provider, in my case o2 (pre-pay), which is the designation for the O2 pay as you go option.

Now edit the profile and change as follows:

Number: *99#

Username: o2bb (was payandgo)

Password: password (was payandgo)

APN: (was

Now click on the network icon on the top right and choose the new profile (in my case I called it o2 - it defaults to o2 (pre-pay)).

It will prompt for a password - just click ok leaving the password blank and you should now connect.

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