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Linux pre-installed, Windows XP, Windows 7 and netbooks

This is a comment that I wrote to a facebook entry. The original thread was on whether Windows 7 is just as slow as Vista, but the bit that I responded to was about Linux being pre-installed.

[Regarding] Linux pre-installed and selling, well it's working on Netbooks. Who would have thought 2 years ago that Toys R Us and Staples would be selling Linux pre-installed!

I'll be interested to hear what Microsoft plans to do for future netbooks. They've extended the life of XP for now, but I can't see them running Windows 7 any time soon. Running XP on a netbook will [soon] be like having Windows 98 today! Alternative they create a Windows 7 Lite edition - which will be trying to achieve what WINCE / pocket PC didn't (it had the reputation of not being a proper OS)!

Certainly interesting times ahead ...