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Password Gorilla - Password Safe for Linux and Windows

The number of systems / websites I have a login for just keeps increasing. It's now impossible to keep track of all the passwords I have without either setting them to the same password (No No No - especially as you don't know how safely some of these sites keep your password) or making them trivial. I have therefore been using Password Safe (pwsafe.exe) for some time to store my passwords. Password safe places all the passwords into a single file which is kept encrypted. You create one master password (which should be a good one - not a dictionary word etc) to protect the whole file. You then only need to remember that one password and you can find the password to the system you require.

On the flip side if you forget that password then you lose access to all your passwords, so make sure it's something you can remember!

The problem with pwsafe is that is that is Windows only. It is possible to run it on Linux Using Wine (e.g. Crossover Office), but it's not as good as running a native client. I have found several other Linux tools, but none of them would handle the latest file format used by pwsafe.

I have now discovered a Linux application which will read and edit the password safe files. This is Password Gorilla. What's more password-gorilla runs on Windows as well as Linux so you could completely move to password gorilla.
It's not as "pretty" as password safe, which is due to the TK toolkit which is used to create the GUI, but it appears to be just as functional. You can also place the executable and password file onto a usb drive to carry around with you.

As with all open source software you can download and use this for free.

You can install password gorilla on Ubuntu by running

sudo apt-get install password-gorilla

and it will appear in your Accessories menu.

Alternatively you can download it from the: