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Firefox with Personas - Web browser with style - create your own (First Aid Quiz)

The Firefox browser has now become the most stylish and easiest to customise. This is all possible thanks to a new feature from the Mozilla Labs called Personas.

It's always been possible to customise Firefox using themes, but themes were hard to implement and used for changing the look of the icons rather than the banner picture that Personas provides.

Firefox Personas - First Aid Quiz

As you can see in the above screenshot Personas changes the feel of the browser by introducing a header picture to go behind the navigation buttons and a footer across the bottom.

The one that I've created is based on the First Aid Quiz web site theme. It's not going to win any design awards and there are loads of Personas much better than this one, but it goes to show how one can be created quickly and easily by someone without any particular artistic capability. In fact it has taken about as long to create this post as it did to create that Personas.

To create a new Persona just involves creating a couple of images and choosing an appropriate text colour. This was designed using only The Gimp photo editing software running on a Linux EeePC netbook in about 20 minutes.

Instructions on how to create a new custom Persona are provided here

This is one more feature that Firefox has over other browsers and perhaps may help them to reach their prediction of being the Majority browser by 2013.

My attempt may not be the greatest out there, but it does show how easy it is to make a personal looking browser. If you create your own please leave a comment to my blog with details of your personas.

Getting Started

First Aid Quiz Personas

Download the First Aid Quiz Personas

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