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Haunted House Halloween Party

For the last few years we've been having a Halloween party for our kids to bring some friends around. We have the usual party games, but this year wanted to do some things a bit different.

The first thing was that along with my children we decided to make Halloween a bit more fun for visitors to the house, both guests and trick or treaters. As I've been working with the Raspberry Pi computer we created a Raspberry Pi based Halloween Haunted House.

The other thing was an activity to do during the party. We normally have a large picture in our hall way, but instead of creating this ourselves we created a large pumpkin picture and had the party guests decorate smaller pumpkin pictures to go around it. We made it into a competition and chose winners with a prize for the best pumpkin. The children could then either add the pumpkins to the wall or take them home to decorate their own house.

Halloween craft picture

Another great Halloween party enjoyed by all the children. With a haunted house that should have the local kids talking about Halloween for the next few days.