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Raspberry Pi Microscope with High Quality (HQ) camera

One of the great things about the Raspberry Pi is it's versitility which allows it to be used in many different ways. The introduction of the high quality camera module has greatly increased the scope of what can be achieved in digital photography. This has been expanded further thanks to a professional quality lens now available from Pimoroni.

Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Microscope

The camera module mounts directly on top of the lens which is available with a stand turning the Raspberry Pi into a professional quality microscope.

In this video review I look at some electronic components under the microscope and how useful the microscope is for a maker / electronic hobbyist. This includes zooming in on solder joints to look for faults or using it to assist with soldering SMD devices.

One thing I did learn was that light is key to getting good results with the microscope. You need a lot of light up and close to the subject to be able to see the items clearly.

Below are some of the photos taken within the microscope. Click on the image for the original full-size image.

Arduino image centered around the reset switch

Photo of an Arduino taken with a Raspberry Pi High Quality camera and a microscope

ATMEGA328P image showing the hard to read writing

Photo of a ATMEGA328p taken with a Raspberry Pi HQ camera and a microscope

Raspberry Pi image showing the Raspberry Pi logo

Photo of a Raspberry Pi logo on the Raspberry Pi, taken with a Raspberry Pi HQ camera and a microscope