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Wizard of Oz Costume - Wearable electronics with Raspberry Pi, Pi Zero

Wizard of Oz wearable electronics costume - powered by Pi Zero

I decided to create a Wizard of Oz costume for Halloween this year. As you probably know The Wizard of Oz wasn't really a wizard at all. He used a mechanical machine to convince the citizens of Oz about his magical abilities. What you may not know is that he was more than just a charlatan, but also an evil dictator with the truth exposed in the Musical Wicked (based on Gregory Maguire's novel), so quite appropriate for Halloween.

Rather than go for the traditional costume I created a modern interpretation of what The Wizard may look like if he had access to todays technology. So using a Raspberry Pi and some wearable electronics I've created this costume.

How it works

The LED circuitry is based around a NeoPixel circuit that I've used several times already (Raspberry Pi NeoPixel Worksheet). I'll add more details on the extra parts to create the wearable project in future.

Future development

I'm currently working on a smaller version of the circuitry using a ProtoZero board and hope to add the ability to play music files in future.

Boo Pi Costume Competition

For anyone else creating a Raspberry Pi Costume at the moment (2016) then there is a competition run by Element 14 looking for the best wearable tech costumes. If you have a better idea for a Raspberry Pi wearable costume then see the link below: