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New Raspberry Pi Zero 2 - The maker's choice of Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W is an updated version of the Raspberry Pi Zero. It uses the same form factor and has the same connectors in the same position, but what it does have a huge performance increase. It is only a tiny bit more expensive than the Pi Zero it replaces.

Raspberry Pi - Pi Zero 2 W

In the video below I explain about the board and how it is now perhaps the best choice for many maker projects. To test the new Raspberry PiZero2W I used the example of using NeoPixels with the Raspberry Pi Wi-Fi NeoPixel Server.

Updates Required

Please note that I had to make some modifications and recompile the rp_ws281x library. I then had to install the rpi-ws281x-python libraries against the updated library.

I created a pull-request so the updates are no in the main library. If you want to use them now then you will need to compile from source, but hopefully it shouldn't be too long until these updates are included in the Raspberry Pi OS and PIP.

Raspberry Pi Projects

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