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Days out diary - updates coming soon

It has been a while since I've been able to post new articles onto the Days Out Diary website. The reason for this is that the server hosting the site has been upgraded. During the upgrade it appears that SELinux security features have been enabled which prevents my site from connecting to a different database server to get its updates. As this is a hosted service and I don't have control over the server I am not able to change this. This is required so that I can publish posts in Wordpress, but then incorporate them into another site without having to manually copy and paste them over.

I have been looking for ways to bypass this. I was looking at a offline transfer which is similar to an old process that I used to use on another site, but creating that was non-trivial.

The way that the software works is by reading the information from one database, reformatting and storing into another on a different server. I realised that as this is all database access then in fact none of it needs to be on the same server as the databases, so I've now installed the administration functions onto my home server that I do have control over. There is still a few things I need to change, as the code can no longer perform some local checks for photos that it did previously, but I can now add new articles and will be catching up with a few days out I've been to over the last couple of months.