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Design an Electronic Circuit using Fritzing

Raspberry Pi Christmas House with LEDs, NeoPixel & smoke generator

This project will take you through the process in creating a circuit from the initial design to a complete circuit. This includes building a prototype on a breadboard, creating a schematic diagram and then designing a printed circuit board (PCB) which is then sent off for fabrication. This also includes the soldering of the board along with the software.

This is based around a Raspberry Pi Christmas House project, which first started on a breadboard and is then made into a Raspberry Pi HAT style printed circuit board (PCB). The PCB does not quite meet the requirements of a HAT, but fits on top of the Raspberry Pi similar to a HAT.

Overview of Christmas House Raspberry Pi HAT project

This video introduces the Christmas House project.

More details about the Christmas House project.

Designing a breadboard and schematic diagram using Fritzing

This is the design of a breadboard and schematic diagram showing a step-by-step tutorial of how to create these using Fritzing. Using the schematic diagram for the initial circuit design and then using a breadboard to prototype the circuit.

Creating a printed circuit board (PCB) in Fritzing

This next video goes step-by-step through creating a printed circuit board (PCB) in Fritzing. The end PCB is like a Raspberry Pi HAT (although it is simplified so does not meet all the requirements of a HAT).

Setup and installing the software

Details of the setup and software install are available on the Raspberry Pi Christmas House Project page.

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