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Book review - Sams Teach Yourself HTML5 in 10 minutes

Sams Teach Yourself HTML 5 in 10 minutes provides brief introduction to the new features of HTML 5. The book is aimed at someone with a good knowledge of HTML and covers just the new features, with some basic examples of each feature.

For a book that is supposed to be intended for those familiar with html already it is over simplified. For example the following sentence is repeated for every single example, although it should not be required for someone of this level.
"Make sure you save this code in text format (the default format for WordPad, for example, is RTF, richtext format, which won't work with browsers)."

This is a small book with a lot of repeated information. It's unlikely someone could read and understand this book within 10 minutes, but it can be read within a couple of hours.

Whilst Teach yourself HTML5 in 10 minutes does provide an overview of HTML5 and can provide a basis for learning more, but it doesn't provide enough for anyone wanting to create a significant HTML5 website.