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Processing Version 1.1 released

There is a new version of the Processing programming language released version 1.1.

Processing is an easy to use programming language designed for creating visual programs designed for use in creating computer art. For non-artists as well, I think it's an ideal language for anyone learning programming, or that wants a easy way to create visual applications.

It is easy to create a graphical application without having to worry about complex layout managers, but it doesn't have the standard menu or pull down buttons which are a standard feature of most GUI programming languages. This may not be an issue if you are creating an application with a non-standard interface (such as a game) or an applet to run inside a web browser.

When the code is compiled it generates Java code which can be run on any computer with a recent Java Virtual Machine.

It's a great language to learn programming with and it's easy to move on to Java if you subsequently want to make use of the Swing libraries etc.

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