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Linux Format Awards (my vote for Devolo hardware support)

It's that time of year again for the Linux Format Reader Awards. Awards that are based on reader voting.

I've cast my vote with the usual array of big name applications - with a little bit of bias towards the Wine project and Codeweavers. By running the Windows applications where Linux hasn't quite caught up (in particular Flash Professional), I have significantly reduced the number of times I boot into Windows.

The one thing where I have really gone away from the past mainstream voting is the Best Hardware Support category. In the past I've voted for Nvidia, although their drivers are proprietary at least it means that I've been able to get the graphics to work (all be it with a bit of tweaking). I don't think that they really cut it anymore. The hardware support is still the same as they provided before, but what we really need are open source drivers and they are not forthcoming.
My vote is for Devolo. This less well known company creates a range of Ethernet over Power devices.
See post: Ethernet over powerline - Devolo mains networking.

Similar devices use standard ethernet RJ45 connectivity, but unlike its competitors Devolo include Linux software to configure and monitor the devices. So they get my vote in the hope that other hardware companies will follow suit. Wouldn't it be good to see the same level of support appearing for Wireless network cards and other peripherals?