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Diet week 3 - Useful tools and websites to help with the alli diet

I've now been on the alli diet for three weeks and have lost a further 6lbs this week. The diet appears to be going well and I'm certainly losing weight and feeling good in myself.

During my first two weeks I kept a food diary. This was essential at first whilst getting used to the amount of food and it's fat and calorie content. Keeping this up-to-date is a little tedious and so I've stopped for now. I do still use the calculator when I'm creating a meal that I don't know the fat content of and may need to keep a closer track again if I decide to reduce my calorie intake further.

Here is a copy of the spreadsheet that I've been using to track my food fat and calorie content and some useful websites.

Alli diet food diary

The alli starter pack included a paper based food diary. Not satisfied with that I created a spreadsheet version based on the same information. The advantage of this is that I've included some nutritional values based on food I've been eating (so no need to look-up each time) and the spreadsheet can calculate the fat and calorie content based on actual weights (useful when home cooking).

The spreadsheet is created using, which is a free OpenSource Office suite available for Windows, Linux (Free OpenSource Operating System) and on the Mac.

You can get more information on my Review of, or just Download for free and give it a go.

The spreadsheet does use an official Open Document Format, but Microsoft has only just added that to SP2 of their office suite and even then, due to the way that Microsoft have implemented it, it may not work correctly, so I'd definitely recommend getting hold of - did I mention it is free :-) ?

Download the Alli Food Diary spreadsheet - alli-food-diary.template.ods

To use the spreadsheet find the appropriate food in the Food items tab. Then copy columns A to E (excluding the comments) from the Food items tab and paste into to the diary tab in an appropriate field. Set the quantity to the amount of portions. Eg. if the quantity says 100g, but you use 200g then put 2 in the quantity field.

Then manually add any other food items that are not already in the spreadsheet. The totals will be automatically updated.


The most useful of these is the link from Tesco as it includes calories and fat information for lots of different products including those sold at competing supermarkets.

More Information on my diet progress

I'm tweeting my progress on my personal twitter account (@stewartwatkiss) or you can follow the @firstaidquiz tweets relating to first aid and health topics.

If you know me personally you can also follow my status on facebook.

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