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Programming for teachers, parents and coding clubs

This provides some resources useful for computing teachers in schools, or for parents wanting to help teach their children at home. It includes links to some guides on the PenguinTutor website as well as links to other useful resources.

Teaching Scratch in primary schools

Scratch is a useful language for teaching programming in primary schools. It uses a drag-and-drop approach to programming which makes it easier for younger coders.


Python is a more powerful text based programming language. It is more difficult to learn that Scratch and so is often used for older children. It can run on many different platforms including Raspberry Pi and Micro:Bits. It includes many libraries to make programming easier including Pygame Zero which is useful when learning to create graphical games and GPIO Zero used in physical computing.

The following are useful resources for learning Python, games programming and interacting with the GPIO (electronics interface).

Beyond the IT classroom

Programming can be a great way to engage children in other subjects, not just ICT and computing. These are examples I have used with my own children to incorporate computing into other school subjects.

External guides

These are some other guides that may be useful for teaching programming in school.

Blog links and videos on programming

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