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Robots - Raspberry Pi

I have created several different robots. This page is to introduce some of these.

Mecanum Omnidirectional Raspberry Pi Robot

This is a custom designed robot which I designed using FreeCAD and a 3D printer. It is based around the Mecanum omndirectional wheel which allows the robot to move in any direction. As well as being able to go forwards, backwards and turn it can also move side to side and diagonally. This is best understood by watching it in motion in the video above.

3D printed Mecanum  Raspberry Pi Robot

STS-Pi Robot with battery holder and collision avoidance

The STS-Pi robot is an inexpensive robot kit from Pimoroni. It uses a Raspberry Pi and a Explorer HAT. The robot kit comes with a battery holder for a cylindrical battery, but it did not fit with the battery I had available. I therefore 3D printed my own brackets to hold different batteries.

I also 3D printed an optional add-on which allows collision avoidance through the use of an ultrasonic distance sensor connected to the Raspberry Pi.

STS-Pi Raspberry Pi robot with 3D printed custom battery holder

T200 Raspberry Pi Tank Robot

The chassis is a tank based chassis with caterpillar track wheels. I created additional 3D printed brackets to attach batteries and to make it easier to attach the Raspberry Pi and motor controller to the robot.

T200 Tank Raspberry Pi Robot

Raspberry Pi robot arm control software

Raspberry Pi based robot arm control software

Graphical application to control an education Robot Arm with the Raspberry Pi.

Uses Pygame to control a Ceebex robot arm. Although the robot arm does not appear to be produced anymore there are still a lot around. This provides a useful interface for controlling the arm.


Ruby Robot - Magician Chassis

Raspberry Pi Robot

This is a robot based on the magician chassis. Unfortunately the chassis is no longer available and the ebook is a little out-dated, but it is still available and has some useful information on designing a robot.

Future projects

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