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Software projects

These are software based projects designed to be installed and used a software rather than teaching programming.

Picamera2 - Raspberry Pi capture photos with Microscope and HQ camera

Raspberry Pi PiCamera2 library and software

Capture photos and images using the Raspberry Pi HQ camera with picamera2. Based on libcamera you can use this program to control the capture using a push button switch or the keyboard.


Penguin Gallery - Web based photo gallery with slideshow

Screen shot of Penguin Gallery in use on

This is a AJAX photo gallery using PHP and JavaScript. It provides a thumbnail list and a main image. It allows the images to be loaded without a page refresh and includes a Javascript slideshow function.


wQuiz - PHP Web Based Quiz Engine

Screen shot of wquiz in use on

wQuiz is a web based quiz engine, which is an ongoing project and is used on some of my websites. The latest release is available from this site, but the latest development code is available from the Google Code, wQuiz page.



Kidsafe - Raspberry Pi based proxy server

Children using their computers protected behind a Raspberry Pi family filter proxy

Kidsafe helps protect members of the family from inappropriate content on the Internet. It can protect all computers in the home, including tablets and games consoles without needing to install additional software on the computers.



Future projects

I've always working on new projects
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