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Games for playing using RetroPie on the Picade

Picade Raspberry Pi powered desktop arcade machine

The Picade is a desktop Arcade machine based around a Raspberry Pi. It is often used with RetroPie which provides emulation software and a front end to playing games. Many of the games available for RetroPie are original ROMs based around original games. There can be copyright issues with these, but some links to legal ROMs are included towards the bottom of this page. This is to show you some of the original games I have made and how you can create your own games for RetroPie.

Installing RetroPie on the Picade and Adding Games to RetroPie

The first thing is to setup and install RetroPie on the Picade, and then to add the appropriate themes and games to RetroPie. This is explained in my page How to add your own games to RetroPie on the Raspberry Pi Picade.

The above includes a video explaining the whole process as well as an image of the keyboard / joystick layout and all the relevant links needed for setting up your Raspberry Pi.

Creating Your Own Games Using Python Pygame and Pygame Zero

If you are interested in creating your own games, then this is explained in my book Beginning Game Programming with Pygame Zero or the following links on my website:

These games are not really complete games for you to play, but more a starting point which you could develop into a more comprehensive game.

More Games and ROMs for playing on RetroPie and the Picade

See the following for links to sources of ROMs. I believe these are all legal downloads, but please check yourself before downloading.

You may also want to see Tutorial to getting started with Pygame Zero

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