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Google Bard - using AI to create programs for Makers

Experimenting with Google Bard. Bard is Google’s AI chatbot. Essentially Google’s version of ChatGPT or Bing’s Lamda.

Bard has only just become available and this is one of my first goes at using Google Bard. I have not been able to compare it with alternatives as whilst I was able to register and get approved for Google Bard almost immediately I've been on the waitlist for ChatGPT for a few weeks.

In this video I'm going to ask is Google Bard useful for Makers. Does it know the difference between a Raspberry Pi Pico and a Raspberry Pi computer. Can it create code in MicroPython for the Raspberry Pi Pico or will it get the wrong device, wrong code or just plan broken?

What about creating a game in Pygame Zero?

This video will give a quick look at Google Bard and whether we should be worried out it putting us all out of a job?

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