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3D Modelling with Blender

Blender is an open source 3D design tool. A drawing tool for creating 3D objects, animations and even games. Also a great tool for creating models for a 3D printer.

Screen shot 3D model created in Blender on a Raspberry Pi

This is a short talk for the Raspberry Pi Birthday 2018. It's about what Blender is and how it can be used as a tool when looking to create computer games.

Raspberry Pi Birthday 2018 - Blender talk
Raspberry Pi Birthday 2018 – Presentation notes for talk on using Blender to create Sprites for computer games.

Getting started with 3D Modelling on Blender

missile sprite created in blender

The Blender files were then used to create sprites for Space Asteroids Pygame Zero game for the Raspberry Pi

Taking 3D Models from Blender to 3D Print

3D printed models created using Blender

More Information

The example models shown in the presentation are also available in Blender tutorials on the Raspberry Pi website.

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