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Building a G-Scale garden model railway

This project is a bit different to the others in that it isn't just about computing and electronics. This is an ongoing project to build a G-Scale Model Railway in our garden. It's a project involving myself and my son, with some electronics, 3D printing as well as traditional woodworking and other crafts. I have previously created indoor model railways at OO scale, but this is my first go at larger outdoor model railways.

Installing track around the garden

The first aspect is getting track installed into the garden. We started with a basic model G-Scale set from LGB. It can with an oval of track with simple analogue controller. We are wanting to go much further than a basic oval and we are therefore working on a bridge to take part of the track around the garden.

G-Scale LGB train on outdoor model railway

More details of the challenges we face and how we overcome them will be included in future.

3D Printing

We are now working on creating some items for the railway using a 3D printer. So far most of the 3D printing designs have been based around simple models (see Creating 3D printer models in blender), but we are now looking at the tools used to create our own designs to scale.

3D printed G-Scale weigh building for outdoor model railway

The first is a small building which includes a smoke generator to give the effect of smoke coming out of the chimeny.

Future projects

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