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Maker and hacker projects

These are projects designed for digital makers and hackers wanting to modify existing project. Many involve multiple aspects including electronics, programming and 3D design or construction of an enclosure.

Raspberry Pi Pico

Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico Voltmeter with uart serial communications

Learn how to program the Raspberry Pi Pico using C/C++ and MicroPython.

Includes a voltmeter project which uses C/C++ or MicroPython on the Pico to talk to a Raspberry Pi using serial uart communications. A Python Pygame Zero program on the Raspberry Pi then displays this on a GUI as a 7-segment display.


Raspberry Pi NeoPixel / RGB LED server

PixelStrip / NeoPixel web server application for the Raspberry Pi DJ, Disco and parties

Control RGB LEDs remotely using this Raspberry Pi based RGB LED server. Connect to a Wi-Fi network so that you can control them using a web browser, smartphone or through home automation.

This provides more funcationality than the GUI (below) and is now the preferred way for me to control NeoPixels.


Raspberry Pi PixelStrip and NeoPixel GUI

PixelStrip / NeoPixel Gui for the Raspberry Pi DJ, Disco and parties

Learn how to create a simple circuit to control RGB LEDs / PixelStrips / NeoPixels and control them using a simple Python program.

Although well supported by Raspberry Pi libraries there is no default graphical user interface for the PixelStrips / NeoPixels. This is a project that I first created in 2015 and have since updated to support the latest Python libraries. It provides a graphical user interface designed for use by DJs and for parties controlling strings of NeoPixels / WS2811 / WS2812 / WS281x lights.

I've also created a wireless NeoPixel project using the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect, which is the Arduino version of the Raspberry Pi Pico (with added Wi-Fi).


Hack an Infrared Light Bulb with a Raspberry Pi

Hack an infrared light using a Raspberry Pi

Control an infrared light bulb using a Raspberry Pi and an infrared receiver and transmitter circuit. Use Python to turn the light on and off, change the colour and brightness


Raspberry Pi Outdoor display with RGB LED Matrix and NeoPixel Handrail

RGB LED Matrix and Neopixels

Outdoor lighting and sign project using RGB LED Matrix and NeoPixel RGB LEDs. Allows special messages to be displayed along with appropriate colour sequences along the driveway handrail.


Wearable snowman Raspberry Pi badge with wireless controller

Blinking lights on Snowman Raspberry Pi Badge

Snowman badge powered by the Raspberry Pi.

Uses a wireless controller to change the sequence and even play games.


Pygame Zero for Makers - Controlling electronics using novel GUI

Screen shot Pygame Zero for makers demo

Guide to creating novel graphical interfaces for electronic circuits.

No longer should GUIs be boring!


Future projects

I've always working on new projects
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