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Books relating to Linux, Open Source and Electronics

These are some of the books / publications that I've been involved in.

Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi

This is my first professionally published book, published by Apress.

Learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi

The book is a guide to learning electronics and physical computing through projects involving the Raspberry Pi. It covers various electronic components, sensors and outputs using fun projects to build. This includes games using Scratch and Python and controlling robots and Lego (using infra-red). It's designed for those looking to get started in electronics as well as those looking for fun project ideas.

It starts at the very basics using simple switches controlling a Scratch game. It then moves on to more complicated electronic circuits including various different sensor, controlloing motors and one of my favourites NeoPixels (RGB LEDs). It also goes on to more complicated circuit designs and how to design and have made a PCB.

Free ebook on Robotics with Raspberry Pi

Learn robotics with Raspberry Pi Free eBook

This is a free eBook that I specifically wrote for the website. It explains the process in creating your own Raspberry Pi robot, using a basic robot chassis.

The book starts with initial design aspect, including creating the electronics to control the robot and programming in python to control it.

The web page below also includes a link to creating a web based interface which allows the robot to be controlled from a web browser or mobile phone.

  • Free ebook - Robotics on Raspberry Pi
  • Technical Reviewer for Apress Books

    In addition to the books that I wrote myself, here are some books that I have been the technical reviewer for.

    • Learn Raspberry Pi with Linux by Peter Membrey and David Hows
    • Mastering the Raspberry Pi by Warren Gay
      • Technical details about the Raspberry Pi, how it works and how to control the hardware through programming in C.
        Available from : Apress,,
    • The Definitive Guide to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 by Sander van Vugt

    Future projects

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